Marbles, Bells, and Balls… And Mice!

IMG_5069Curie loves anything that rolls! But she also insisted that I add in the furry mouse because, even though it’s not a ball, she loves the way it squeaks. In fact, in the early days when she wasn’t quite as accustomed to her name as she is now, we could squeeze the mouse to make it squeak and that was a surefire way to get her attention. She’d come bounding over from wherever she was (usually hiding behind the bed-skirt so she could pounce on our feet) to play!

Discovering her fascination with marbles was completely by chance. I keep a close eye on her when she’s playing with one to make sure she doesn’t try picking it up with her mouth, but so far that’s never happened. She’s intrigued by the constant vibrating noise marbles make on the tile floor and can follow one around for at least a full half hour or more! I’ve read about some owners having cats that dropped marbles into the bath tub and watched them whisk up and around the edges – they claim it sounded like there was a construction crew working upstairs…


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