A New Year Update

I realize that the last time I posted was last year… in 2015. Time’s been flying, and with my university studies having resumed in the new year, along with having to keep a feisty kitty entertained, I’e been quite busy! Most of Curie’s winter was spent sleeping the cold days away, I was a bit disappointed that there hadn’t been any snow for her to witness for the first time in life, but that’s alright… We had plenty of rest and fun indoors.

Curie has been growing so quickly these past few weeks, and becoming quite a fine feline, if I do say so myself. She’s getting this beautifully soft and silky fur behind her ears, and on her chest; it’s probably the “mane” (she’s a domestic medium hair) that’s coming in. We visited PetSmart (Curie got to see goldfish!) recently to purchase a new carrier (her original SPCA one is too small for her now!) and all the nice ladies working there commented on how big she is for her age; I bet it’s got a lot to do with the fact that she’s becoming increasingly fluffier!

I’m looking forward to celebrating Curie’s first birthday this summer, and just seeing how she continues to develop a delightful personality and funny little quirks (more on them later!) day by day, for the rest of this year and beyond, insha’Allah.



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