Curie’s Quirks (A Mega-List)

  • She gallops loudly like a horse when in playful mood; you’ll be able to hear her through the ceiling when downstairs
  • After a night of doing nobody-knows-what, you’ll always find the toy mouse in her food dish (I leave it upstairs, the food/water bowls are downstairs
  • When she’s extremely happy (usually in the mornings once her favorite people her finally awake or while playing and jumping around), her purring gets louder and louder until it sounds more like squeaking; when the purring does come to an end, it does so with a huge sigh of contentment
  • The first day she came to our home after adoption, she was purring non-stop for at least 6 hours!
  • When she’s feeling sleepy, one of her eyes will start winking
  • She loves giving “kitty kisses”; whenever I blink slowly at her, she returns the affectionate gesture, no matter how many times I do it
  • She emits loud and scary growls while playing, that you’d never imagine coming from a sweet, feminine, little cat; some of them last even 5 whole seconds as she dashes up and down the stairs and pounces upon crinkly bags
  • She responds so well to clicker training; but one thing I’ve not managed to teach her so far is how to fetch (despite hearing about so many cats that do this!)
  • The tippy-tappy sound of my laptop keyboard entices her, and she feels that she must join in and walk across the keyboard when I’m typing up a blog post
  • She loves trying to communicate with me, and whilst giving her training commands, she lets out a soft mew before doing said action
  • She’s incredibly smart and has already learn “sit”, “high-five/touch”, “spin”, and “inside” (to get into her carrier) via clicker training
  • She loves chasing kibbles of food, pouncing upon them as if they’re prey; and if she sees that I’m about to throw another one, she’ll stop chewing midway and stare at that piece with such intense concentration
  • She’s got some pretty strong kneading power; she’ll lie down on her side whilst in your lap, and give a good massage (especially useful after a day of intense kayaking!)
  • She’s unusually calm during nail-clippings and can’t get enough of being groomed; once she sees her brush, the purring engine revs up
  • Whenever we pass by her bed while she’s half-asleep, she’ll twist on her back and snuggle into a cuter, irresistible pose that’s surely to get herself a good stroking
  • She’s great at being quiet and entertaining herself during the nighttime; she understands that as soon as the upper-level’s hallway light is off, everyone is off to bed and she must wait until tomorrow morning for more cuddles and play-times
  • She’ll try to climb up on your back if you’re sitting (Curie just sneaked up on me and did this, only 2 minutes after I wrote this line!)
  • She can climb 6 feet up a bubble-wrapped piece of furniture
  • She’s the gentlest of cats; her claws are never out when playing with us
  • She runs down the stairs to greet me by the front door, all the while chirping in her cute, kitten-y way
  • She likes to dab her white paws in the water bowl
  • She knows that doors are opened by turning their knobs, and she tries to jump up and reach them to do the same
  • She loves hiding in crinkly bags; and she thinks hiding effectively only consists of covering up her head with something while the rest of her body sticks out… she thinks that as long as she can’t see us, we can’t see her!
  • “Where’s Curieeee?” would get her running off to find a place to hide; she loves this game
  • She likes lying down next to me and taking up half of the chair when I’m studying
  • When she’s happy or excited (i.e. after seeing one of us after hours of being away at school or work), she tends to go and use her scratching post
  • Sometimes during a long cuddling session (typically in the mornings), she’s reminded of her hungry stomach and scurries down the stairs to eat a bit of kibble that’s left out; I once peered over the stairs to see what she was up to, and (this is one of the cutest things she’s ever done) every time she picked up a new piece of kibble, she’d look up while hurriedly chewing to make sure that I was still there waiting for her (she did run up afterwards, mewing)
  • She’s got a superpower: making everyone (even those that say they don’t like cats) smile

5 thoughts on “Curie’s Quirks (A Mega-List)

  1. All these quirks from ‘the gentliest of cats’ I’d say. I like the last sentence that she’s got a superpower to make even people like me smile. Lol. Yeah, I smiled reading about Curie’s quirks. I like the prompt because it made me look inwards to fish out my own odd habits. πŸ™‚


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