Not uncommonly, I’ve wanted a pet ever since I was a child. I’ve been through the typical phases of yearning and asking my parents for a puppy, bunny, and kitty.

Circumstances during my childhood, all the travelling between countries and preoccupations with school, meant that I couldn’t really have one, except little stuffed ones. That didn’t stop me from researching everything about how to care for them; you can see a picture of the (one of many) notes I took on rabbits, and the drawing I made of the hutch I wanted to build for them, when I was about 11 years old.

Alas, I am now ever grateful to have Madam Curie, a little orange tabby with white paws, golden-flecked eyes, and the loudest purr ever. She’s a delightful cat – spontaneous, rambunctious, funny, and a gently and friendly soul to whomever gives her even the slightest bit of attention. She’s also living proof that stroking fur lowers your blood pressure; this whole year I haven’t in the slightest felt any stress around exam periods!

This blog is, in truth, a personal endeavor; to have an outlet for expressing the many experiences I have with her in the years to come insha’Allah, and eventually have a well-documented journal, both in written and photographic form, to look back upon in the future.


Curie has joined the crew. She’s standing at attention (aka. gazing out the window, I placed a treat next to the rabbit to get her into position first – she wouldn’t sit still!)







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