Daily Prompt: A Bird, A Plane, Me!

While having the power to travel through time sounds like it would be a phenomenal experience, I’m blessed to be here today, right where I am. Like any other average person, I admit having some faults and missteps in the past that I wish I could go back to erase and change; but without having them, I know that I wouldn’t be who I am today… improved and wiser. So if I were to choose a superpower, it would be the ability to speak and understand any language… including “cat-speak”!

I’ve always found it incredibly fascinating that a Prophet in Islam, Suleiman alayhi salam, was able to communicate with all creatures of the Earth, from the tiniest ant to the majestic lion. Imagine being able to hear their stories and understand their feelings.

I’m finding that my own kitten has a keen sense of emotion (all cats, in fact, are said to be able to quickly pick up on whether their family members are stressed or not); if I’m sitting somewhere feeling a bit down, she’ll trot up to me and try to climb onto my back, or just come up close and look at me affectionately. Although I try my best to fulfill her needs (which consist of mostly love, attention, and play), I feel it would be so much easier to give her exactly what she wants, exactly when she wants it, if I could just speak to her. I also wouldn’t mind being able to understand all the mews of different pitches, when she’s in a talkative mood; perhaps she’s a talented cat-comedian sharing jokes!

As for the ability to speak and understand any language (within the “human world”), I’d love to be able to have a conversation with anyone from anywhere; remove the barrier of language and understand and help one another.


Imagine being able to hold a conversation with this pretty kitty.

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