Curie’s Quirks (A Mega-List)

  • She gallops loudly like a horse when in playful mood; you’ll be able to hear her through the ceiling when downstairs
  • After a night of doing nobody-knows-what, you’ll always find the toy mouse in her food dish (I leave it upstairs, the food/water bowls are downstairs
  • When she’s extremely happy (usually in the mornings once her favorite people her finally awake or while playing and jumping around), her purring gets louder and louder until it sounds more like squeaking; when the purring does come to an end, it does so with a huge sigh of contentment
  • The first day she came to our home after adoption, she was purring non-stop for at least 6 hours!
  • When she’s feeling sleepy, one of her eyes will start winking
  • She loves giving “kitty kisses”; whenever I blink slowly at her, she returns the affectionate gesture, no matter how many times I do it
  • She emits loud and scary growls while playing, that you’d never imagine coming from a sweet, feminine, little cat; some of them last even 5 whole seconds as she dashes up and down the stairs and pounces upon crinkly bags
  • She responds so well to clicker training; but one thing I’ve not managed to teach her so far is how to fetch (despite hearing about so many cats that do this!)
  • The tippy-tappy sound of my laptop keyboard entices her, and she feels that she must join in and walk across the keyboard when I’m typing up a blog post
  • She loves trying to communicate with me, and whilst giving her training commands, she lets out a soft mew before doing said action
  • She’s incredibly smart and has already learn “sit”, “high-five/touch”, “spin”, and “inside” (to get into her carrier) via clicker training
  • She loves chasing kibbles of food, pouncing upon them as if they’re prey; and if she sees that I’m about to throw another one, she’ll stop chewing midway and stare at that piece with such intense concentration
  • She’s got some pretty strong kneading power; she’ll lie down on her side whilst in your lap, and give a good massage (especially useful after a day of intense kayaking!)
  • She’s unusually calm during nail-clippings and can’t get enough of being groomed; once she sees her brush, the purring engine revs up
  • Whenever we pass by her bed while she’s half-asleep, she’ll twist on her back and snuggle into a cuter, irresistible pose that’s surely to get herself a good stroking
  • She’s great at being quiet and entertaining herself during the nighttime; she understands that as soon as the upper-level’s hallway light is off, everyone is off to bed and she must wait until tomorrow morning for more cuddles and play-times
  • She’ll try to climb up on your back if you’re sitting (Curie just sneaked up on me and did this, only 2 minutes after I wrote this line!)
  • She can climb 6 feet up a bubble-wrapped piece of furniture
  • She’s the gentlest of cats; her claws are never out when playing with us
  • She runs down the stairs to greet me by the front door, all the while chirping in her cute, kitten-y way
  • She likes to dab her white paws in the water bowl
  • She knows that doors are opened by turning their knobs, and she tries to jump up and reach them to do the same
  • She loves hiding in crinkly bags; and she thinks hiding effectively only consists of covering up her head with something while the rest of her body sticks out… she thinks that as long as she can’t see us, we can’t see her!
  • “Where’s Curieeee?” would get her running off to find a place to hide; she loves this game
  • She likes lying down next to me and taking up half of the chair when I’m studying
  • When she’s happy or excited (i.e. after seeing one of us after hours of being away at school or work), she tends to go and use her scratching post
  • Sometimes during a long cuddling session (typically in the mornings), she’s reminded of her hungry stomach and scurries down the stairs to eat a bit of kibble that’s left out; I once peered over the stairs to see what she was up to, and (this is one of the cutest things she’s ever done) every time she picked up a new piece of kibble, she’d look up while hurriedly chewing to make sure that I was still there waiting for her (she did run up afterwards, mewing)
  • She’s got a superpower: making everyone (even those that say they don’t like cats) smile

Out Hunting

Supplies are running low on Curie’s current brand of (canned) cat food, and it’s time to begin research on whether I’d like to continue feeding her what she is on right now, or if there’s a better alternative out there. This means literally spending an hour or so comparing different brands, long (and often scary) lists of ingredients, guaranteed analyses, and prices per weight; on top of ensuring that it’s something she wouldn’t turn up her nose at. Curie LOVES salmon, whitefish, and tuna (it’s advised not to have solely a seafood diet however because of mercury concentrations and bio-accumulation) but doesn’t care much for grilled chicken. And I’ll also admit that I try to find foods that I would personally feel comfortable handling (some of the stuff stinks! and oozes with gooey fat!)

When it comes to making sure Curie is well and healthy, has the silkiest and softest coat ever, and bundles of energy and love… the time and money is worth it.


Canned Food Screenshot

Daily Prompt: A Bird, A Plane, Me!

While having the power to travel through time sounds like it would be a phenomenal experience, I’m blessed to be here today, right where I am. Like any other average person, I admit having some faults and missteps in the past that I wish I could go back to erase and change; but without having them, I know that I wouldn’t be who I am today… improved and wiser. So if I were to choose a superpower, it would be the ability to speak and understand any language… including “cat-speak”!

I’ve always found it incredibly fascinating that a Prophet in Islam, Suleiman alayhi salam, was able to communicate with all creatures of the Earth, from the tiniest ant to the majestic lion. Imagine being able to hear their stories and understand their feelings.

I’m finding that my own kitten has a keen sense of emotion (all cats, in fact, are said to be able to quickly pick up on whether their family members are stressed or not); if I’m sitting somewhere feeling a bit down, she’ll trot up to me and try to climb onto my back, or just come up close and look at me affectionately. Although I try my best to fulfill her needs (which consist of mostly love, attention, and play), I feel it would be so much easier to give her exactly what she wants, exactly when she wants it, if I could just speak to her. I also wouldn’t mind being able to understand all the mews of different pitches, when she’s in a talkative mood; perhaps she’s a talented cat-comedian sharing jokes!

As for the ability to speak and understand any language (within the “human world”), I’d love to be able to have a conversation with anyone from anywhere; remove the barrier of language and understand and help one another.


Imagine being able to hold a conversation with this pretty kitty.

In response to WordPress Daily Prompt: A Bird, A Plane, You!

Marbles, Bells, and Balls… And Mice!

IMG_5069Curie loves anything that rolls! But she also insisted that I add in the furry mouse because, even though it’s not a ball, she loves the way it squeaks. In fact, in the early days when she wasn’t quite as accustomed to her name as she is now, we could squeeze the mouse to make it squeak and that was a surefire way to get her attention. She’d come bounding over from wherever she was (usually hiding behind the bed-skirt so she could pounce on our feet) to play!

Discovering her fascination with marbles was completely by chance. I keep a close eye on her when she’s playing with one to make sure she doesn’t try picking it up with her mouth, but so far that’s never happened. She’s intrigued by the constant vibrating noise marbles make on the tile floor and can follow one around for at least a full half hour or more! I’ve read about some owners having cats that dropped marbles into the bath tub and watched them whisk up and around the edges – they claim it sounded like there was a construction crew working upstairs…

Kittens and Newspapers

There’s something about the rustle of shredded newspaper that Curie finds irresistible. It must be the indoor-cat equivalent of jumping into a pile of crisp, autumn leaves! Curie also thinks you might want to admire her new blue, silver-belled, cheetah-print collar.

Kitten playing in newspaper shreds

Meet Madam Curie!

Madam Curie is a beautiful orange and white tabby adopted at 10 weeks old from one of the BC SPCA IMG_4938.JPGbranches on October 24th, 2015. I’d like to say that Curie’s arrival was as convenient as her popping out of a large Hudson’s Bay shopping bag, surrounded by fluffy pink gift wrap and colorful cat toys, but it wasn’t.

I had been checking the SPCA’s “adoptable animals” page for what seemed like forever (but was only two weeks) in anticipation of finding a female kitten. There were plenty awaiting their “forever homes” in shelters located quite faraway from us; but none that matched our personal preferences in any of the nearby ones.

On one busy Saturday morning whilst my parents were reorganizing the garage… my brother who had been helping me in my search by regularly checking the BC SPCA’s list of adoptable pets, exclaimed that there was a female, 10 weeks old kitten available at the Abbotsford branch. I called in right away to request the shelter’s staff to keep the little kitty (they come and go quickly, fortunately!) on hold for us, as we try to get there ASAP; the drive from home to the shelter was 1.5 hrs long!

I fondly remember the first day my family met her. She was purring (a sound we’ve now become so accustomed to!) in her small, metallic, shelter enclosure even! She was seated on top of the cardboard “Hide. Perch. Go” SPCA cat-house, alongside one of her siblings named Monkey (a handsome black and white tuxedo-ed fellow). I should add at this point that, before having been re-dubbed by us, she was comically named Squirrel by the shelter staff; in renaming her, we tried to keep the “Q” sound, and took in consideration her curious (scientist-like, hence Madam Curie) nature.

The lady at the shelter who helped us complete all the adoption paperwork was wonderful. She was friendly, helpful (I had lots of questions!), and even gave us a complimentary scratch post! IMG_4841

She’s not quite full-grown yet, but I can already tell that she will be the most beautiful lady-cat ever (obviously, biased). As evident from her photos, she loves posing for the camera, and lounging on laps when she’s not busy playing with her favorite furry mouse.

I’m beyond excited to bond with and take care of Curie to the utmost of my ability; it’s a special feeling to be responsible for the welfare of another living creature. But undoubtedly, the best part of having a cat now is that I’ll be able to live one more part of the inspiring Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad salalahu alayhi wa salam; he too is said to have a beloved cat, named Muezza.

“A man felt very thirsty while he was on the way, there he came across a well. He went down the well, quenched his thirst and came out. Meanwhile he saw a dog panting and licking mud because of excessive thirst. He said to himself, “This dog is suffering from thirst as I did.” So, he went down the well again, filled his shoe with water, held it with his mouth and watered the dog. Allah appreciated him for that deed and forgave him.” The Companions said, “O Allah’s Messenger! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals?” He replied: “There is a reward for serving any living being.”
Imam Bukhari.